Album Intro

The Most eagerly anticipated album of 2011! Lady Gaga’s Born This Way – the first single from her sophomore album of the same title. The song premiered with Lady Gaga performing Born This Way at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards on the 13th of February 2011. Lady Gaga entered the awards show in an incubation egg, where she burst onto stage to perform the song to rapturous applause.
The song itself written by Lady Gaga and producer laursen, garibay, and Dj White Shadow, features her trademark pop rhythms and electronica mixed in – all in all an upbeat pop dan dance track. The lyrics of the song deal with a person’s sexuality and society’s acceptance.
The video which premiered on youtube on the 27th of February 2011, has garnered much praise for its avant-garde style of film-making from director Nick Knight. The video features creatures of fantasy such as a Unicorn, Space Themed references to aliens and magical beings. The video features Lady Gaga’s outrageous fashion sense and her stylized dance moves.
The songs featured on the album include Born This Way and 3 remixes from – LA RIOTS REMIX, CHEW FU BORN TO FIX REMIX and DJ WHITE SHADOW REMIX.

Full Track

Born This Way - LA Riots Remix
Lady Gaga
Born This Way - Chew Fu Born To Fix Remix
Lady Gaga
Born This Way - DJ White Shadow Remix
Lady Gaga