The Youtubers worth listening to

The Youtubers worth listening to


Playlist description

A bunch of singers on Youtube started by performing covers in addition to many brilliant original songs. They attract gradually a large number of fans and rank exceptionally high in subscription and view rates because of the talented composition and beautiful voice. It's a pity to miss out these brilliant youtubers! Come check them out!


Digital Age   04:06
Latch   03:37
Never Be Like You     03:33
Don't Let Me Down     02:28
Style / Lean On     03:10
No   03:31
Hands to Myself, Love Yourself, Perfect (Acoustic Mashup) [feat. Landon Austin]     03:46
I Took a Pill in Ibiza, Youth (Acoustic Mashup) [feat. Taylor Leigh]     03:24
Sorry   03:20
Too Good   02:40
Toothbrush     03:49
Closer   03:17
Habits (Stay High)   02:52
Treat You Better   03:10
Wherever I Go     02:53
Let Me Love You   03:05
This Is What You Came For   02:12
Cold Water     02:22
Chandelier     03:32
7 Years     03:08
Let It Go   04:22
Love Yourself   02:55
Dangerous Woman     03:46
We Don't Talk Anymore   03:03
Guilty   03:15
iT's YoU     03:49