Part-Time Love - Remastered
Diamonds - Deluxe

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  46. Good Morning To The Night - Elton John Vs. PNAU / Remastered
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Part-Time Love - Remastered

Lyricist: Gary Osborne    Composer: Elton John

Part time love is bringing me down
Because I just can't get started with you my love
Did I hear you saying that I'm too hard hearted
Wipe those stars from your eyes
And you'll get quite a surprise
Because you'll see everybody's got a part time love

You've been seen running around
There's not much I don't hear of and still you try
Telling me all the things I must stay clear of
Don't tell me what to do
When you been doing it too
Because you, me and everybody's got a part time love

Falling, I'm falling can't get free
Baby if you keep on stalling
Oh how can I make you see
That you, me and everybody needs a part time love

Part time love
I seem to be pulling in the wrong direction
With you my love
Whatever I do you raise the same objection
I've got someone at home
But she's got a love of her own
Because you, me and everybody got a part time love

I'm waiting, I'm waiting all the time
And it's getting so frustrating
Love well it isn't no crime
Because you, me and everybody needs a part time love
And oh you, me and everybody's got a part time love
And oh you, me and everybody's got a part time love
You, me, everybody got a part time love