Steve Berman - Skit

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Secretary : Mr.Berman
Mr.Berman : WHAT?
Secretary : We have Eminem here to see you
Mr.Berman : About fucking time , Send him in

Eminem : Steve ! Good to see you man , Ow Hey I Just....
Mr.Berman : Oh look who decided to show his face ,
I hope you had fun in the last four years
Eminem : Look man I apologize again For..
Mr.Berman : FOR SHOOTING ME ??!!
Do you know I lose the use of my right arm?
Eminem : Again it was a mistake ,
It was a terrible mista..Are you wearing a bullet proof vest ?!
Mr.Berman : And then you go and do what ? Hide out?
Stay in detroit for almost five years while the music industry melts the fuck down ?!
Do you know how many people lost their jobs because of your fucking vacation ?
Eminem : Well thats actually why I am here I was gonna
put out some new music and I wanted to play it for you and get you opinion...
Mr.Berman : Do I really need to hear it ?
Let me guess another album about poor me
I`m so famous and it ruins my rich little life
and I`m such a tourtured artist let me make music about it
and my tragic love life Am I on something here?
Eminem : Comeon man its not like that..
Mr.Berman : You know what ?
Just hand the fucking thing over I`m done talking to you
You think you can come and go as you pleased big selfish superstars.
Eminem : Steve , I had a drug problem..
Mr.Berman : OH POOR ME I had a drug problem
Who hasnt had a drug problem in this town ? You know what?
Eminem : Hey Hey Hey !
Mr.Berman : Just lay the shit down on my desk and get the fuck out.
Eminem : Wow wow wow Jesus christ man ,
Aight aight here fine..*lay down two CD`s*
Mr.Berman : Whats this shit ?! TWO CD`s?
Eminem : Thats what I have been trying to tell you man its Two albums.
Mr.Berman : Just get out !
Eminem : Aight!
Mr.Berman : Get the fuck out !
Eminem : Aight man see you later