Make It out Alive

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"Make It Out Alive"

Ah well he had nothing to lose
It was time to cruise
And he got out of that place
He knew just what to do
And made every move
Without leaving a trace

He jumped over the fence
And hit the ground
Running as fast as he could
Without making a sound
His feet were flying trough dirt and mud
Each step propelled by a rush of blood
And all he wanted to do
After all these years inside
Was make it out alive
Make it out alive

Well he’s been running away
Ever since the day
He dropped out of school
He never did what they
Told him he should
He just was no good
At following rules

But he learned how to get
What he wanted alright
By using a gun and a switchblade knife
He'd start a fight and kill on a whim
And take your life like it belonged to him
And he always thought
If he ever did get caught
He’d make it out alive
Oh make it out alive

Oh when the cops came around
They put him under arrest
But he couldn’t care less
He didn’t need to blink
When they threw him
Against the wall

He didn’t think he did
Anything wrong at all
So they locked him up
And they put him away
But he knew that he was
Gonna escape one day
And so he did
And ever since then
They tried
But they never saw
His face again

Right now he’s bumming around
In a small town
Down in Mexico
And every day he
Tells himself he's free
But he doesn't feel it though

He still falls asleep
With just one eye closed
Looking over his shoulder
Wherever he goes
He's got a boat
And a house on the beach
But he hasn't lived
One day in peace
Cause you gotta do much more
Than just survive
To make it out alive
Oh make it out alive ×3
Make it out make it out make it out alive
Make it out alive ×2