December Boys

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"December Boys"

I'm thinking about you,
And I remember everything,
All of us

I look at the ocean,
But still I can't see anything,
But all of us.

The time of open hearts,
The time before the rest of life begins
The learning who we are,
What I'd give to be december boys again.

But nothing was easy,
But I would do it all again,
And never change a thing,

It's all about choices,
But I couldn't watch you walk away,
Without following.

The lines of broken dreams,
The lines dividing strangers from your friends,
We live in you and me,
Ah, what I'd give to december boys again.

In between a man and child homeless hearts is running wild,
Everything on earth was worth a try,
It took me by surprise I felt so good to be alive.

Sooner or later
I'll find the end to everything,
But life goes on,
Twisting and turning forcing us through everyday,
Until it's gone.

And last I think I know
The past is where we keep we might have been
But, it's best to let it go
Coz' we'll never be december boys again.

We'll never be december boys again,
Never be december boys again,
Never never be december boys again.