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Singapore is a food paradise. Whenever foreign singers come to Singapore, they’ll be sure to dig into local snacks. Some celebrities go back to their favourite food haunts.

The Pentagon lads drank a Kopitiam classic, Bandung. Kang Daniel was brave enough to try durian. Chinese singer Li Rong Hao raved about salted egg fish skin at his Singapore concert last month.

This Saturday, it’s his wife Rainie Yang’s turn to hold a concert in Singapore. Already, Rainie has a long list of cravings to satisfy.

Ahead of Rainie’s concert on Saturday, KKBOX speaks to the singer about taking the lead at her concert tour and finding her footing at age 35.

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What are your must-eats in Singapore?

My must-eats in Singapore include Bak Kut Teh, Hainanese Chicken Rice and Pandan Cake.

There are too many foods to name. I feel that Singapore is a food haven. Oh yes, I also love the Black Pepper Crab.

It’s been six years since you held a concert in Singapore. How have you evolved since then? How do you think your fans have evolved?

Back then, I was a 29-year-old girl, now I’m a 35-year-old lady. I’ve experienced much change in my personal life and career. I believe that my fans would be able to see my growth.

My impression of Singapore fans is that they are very well-behaved. They like to show their love for me online, but when they see me in real life, they tend to be shy and reserved. I find that adorable. I am looking forward to how they will receive me this time. Maybe after 6 years, they might be more passionate and less reserved.

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How is your current concert tour different from previous ones?

For my previous tours ‘Whimsical World Tour’ and the ‘Love Voyage Tour’, I was the performer. I did not participate much in production.

For the ‘Youth Lies Within’ tour, I participated in the entire planning process — from the setlist, stage, outfits down to the VCR. I feel that this show will feel more “Rainie Yang” than my previous shows. Since the show’s direction comes from me, the audience will get to see different facades of me.

You are in charge of costumes and program. How’s it like being taking on these hefty roles?

There haven’t been many chances for me to contribute my ideas in the past. Now I feel I have ideas to offer. The inspiration keeps flowing.

That said, I still make it a point to communicate with the directors. I participate in meetings and present my ideas for the show to them.

Surprisingly, I don’t feel much pressure. In the past, I felt responsible to do a good job, to carry out the plans made by others. But now, I’ve learned to enjoy the process.

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You have an extensive catalogue of songs. Was it tough whittling down songs for your concert?

Though the tour’s title is ‘Youth Lies Within’, I will not only limit the setlist to tracks related to the concept of youth.

I want to take audiences on a trip down memory lane. I hope the setlist is reflective of my journey. My wish is to include songs from my 10 albums. Of course, I will be singing the songs which fans like.

You debuted at the age of 16. It must have been pressuring growing up under the spotlight. Any regrets joining show business so early?

I do not regret stepping into showbiz early, and devoting my growing years to my career.

My youth is different as compared to others, though I missed out on some experiences, I gained in many other ways.

What are your best memories for your youth?

An unforgettable memory was debuting in a girl band, called “4 in Love”. It’s a distant memory, but it left an indelible mark on me. It was the first two years of my showbiz career.

I still recall the exhilaration of four girls banding together to realise their dreams. We anticipated the future together, weathered ups and downs.

You’re now aged 35. How have you evolved on a personal level?

I wasn’t as confident at age 30. I thought I knew myself, but I felt lost and hopeless. I was struggling to find my goal in life. Now, at 35, I feel more like an adult. I approach life with an open mind, and I let go of things more easily as well.

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You act, host and directed. What’s the one thing you’d love to give it a shot in future?

I’m curious about musicals. Starring in a play requires you to be spontaneous and quick on your feet. I’d love to give a musical a shot.

You mark 20 years in showbiz in 2020. Looking back, how would you describe your journey?

I feel so fortunate that my fans have stood by me. My fans are the most important to me. Even though I love what I do, I love to sing and act, but without the support of my fans, I wouldn’t have been able to get this far.

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