Yoga Lin: Come Sing & Dance At My [idol] Concert

Avier Tan

When Yoga Lin first debuted, he was known for his vocal prowess. Of late, Yoga is fast becoming famous for his wit and eloquence.

He has just ended his hosting stint for Jungle Voice 2, a Taiwanese televised singing contest.Alongside his co-hostsJam Hsiao and Lulu Huang Lu, the trio was nominated for Best Hosts at the Golden Bell Awards, the Emmy Awards of Asian entertainment.

At Yoga's press conference to promote his Singapore concert on Monday, he was as much the star as well as a co-host.

"If you are a Yoga Lin fan, to begin with, you will love him even more after watching [IDOL]. Even if you are not one, you might just fall in love with Yoga after the show."

"You might. Not definitely," said Yoga. He is married to Kiki Ting, a former singer who is expecting their second child.

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The charmer even interacted with fans present at the session. He took photos, offered a hug and even critiqued an earnest fan's rendition of his hard-to-sing hit 'Going In Circles'.

Perhaps it's age, marriage or fatherhood.The Yoga we see now is visibly more at ease and more confident.

The 32-year-old singer talked about [idol] World Tour's highlights and prep work.

“The [IDOL] World Tour is a concert, but it also like a museum and a cinema. Because it will be pitch black that night," said Yoga.

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"The concert is named [Idol]. I was honoured to be able to invite various 'idols', who are recognised for their talents, to give their inputs. It's a wonderful experience," shared Yoga.

One of the "idols" is Ryuichi Sakamoto, the Oscar-winning music maestro who help create the concert's psychedelic opening.

"I can't wait to showcase the concert to you. The essence of a concert is for everyone to sing, dance, cry and smile together," said Yoga.

The seasoned showman knows that the most convincing compliments come from others.

He said: "I just thought of a more practical way for fans to better understand my concert. Just go online to read concert reviews."

Yoga Lin [idol] World Tour in Singapore

When: 8 pm, 25th April 2020

Where: Singapore Indoor Stadium Ticket

Prices: $228, $208, $178, $138, $108 (Prices exclude $4 admin fee)

Tickets are available from or +65 3158 7888

Listen to Yoga Lin's [Idol World Tour] prep list on KKBOX.