FINNEAS 製作與創作精選:怪奇比莉、席琳娜與海爾希的歌裡都有他的名字

FINNEAS 製作與創作精選:怪奇比莉、席琳娜與海爾希的歌裡都有他的名字



FINNEAS 本名Finneas Baird O'Connell,是Billie Eilish(怪奇比莉)的親哥哥。FINNEAS時常與與妹妹Billie一同寫歌,而Billie的作品《don’t smile at me》與暢銷首張專輯《WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?》皆是FINNEAS一人包辦製作,更是Billie歌曲裡背後的幕後推手。FINNEAS除了替妹妹做歌之外,席琳娜(Selena Gomez)首支告示牌冠軍單曲〈Lose You To Love Me〉就是由FINNEAS製作,近期他還替卡蜜拉(Camila Cabello)、海爾希(Halsey)與Tove Lo製作歌曲。FINNEAS在22歲就榮獲葛萊美「年度製作人」的殊榮,未來想必會有更多人找他製作歌曲!藉由這張歌單,一次回顧FINNEAS的創作能量吧!


The Most Beautiful Thing   03:55
No Time To Die   04:02
bad guy   03:14
Lose You To Love Me 03:26
ocean eyes   03:20
First Man 03:48
Let's Fall in Love for the Night 03:10
Bikini Porn 02:42
you should see me in a crown   03:00
bury a friend   03:13
Break My Heart Again   03:57
lovely   03:20
I Lost a Friend 03:57
xanny   04:03
If the World Was Ending - feat. Julia Michaels   03:28
Used to This 03:30
Six Feet Under   03:09
Come to Think (feat. Finneas)     03:46
Satellite   03:27
all the good girls go to hell   02:48
YOUR EYES (feat. Tayla Parx)   03:28
Shelter 03:07
Passion and Pain Taste the Same When I’m Weak   04:00
wish you were gay   03:41
Filthy Rich     03:35
bellyache   02:59
Bored   03:00
Lost My Mind 02:49
Lost My Mind   02:53
I Don't Miss You at All 02:08
COPYCAT   03:14
Moral of the Story 03:21
idontwannabeyouanymore   03:23
&burn   02:58
bitches broken hearts 02:56
when the party's over   03:16
i love you   04:51