Sink The Tower
Stories From Norway: The Diving Tower

Sink The Tower

作詞:Vegard Ylvisaker/Bard Ylvisaker/Lars Devik/Christian Lochstoer    作曲:Vegard Ylvisaker/Bard Ylvisaker/Lars Devik/Christian Lochstoer

I'm so tired of those useless politicians

They have wasted far too much for far too long

They have spent a ridiculous amount can those morons even count
Everything they touch goes wrong

Yes together we will crush the diving tower
We will tear it down and sink it in the lake
We'll call the mayor that is fact
And then we'll make away this cat
For mighty sucks I tarry and I stand

Sink the tower sink the tower burn the tower
Burn the tower burn the tower sink the tower
Sink it now before it is too late

We will sink the diving tower
We will kick in schalter stips
We will hit in Gaia dungits
Yes we'll cover the tower in sh*t
We will shoot it with the canon
Blow it up with TNT
We will burn it to the ground and
We will sink it in the sea

Excuse me Mr. wright coordinator
Do we have to do this sinking thing tonight
You see my wife plays the guitar and she really needs the car
Because the lessons are in the other side of town
Glad you mentioned it I'm late a bit from yoga me too
And the Tork I have at home would walk itself
I must practice to yodel
We have the median F for you and we have quite a lot to do
Yes if we could postpone it that would be great for me too

Sink the tower tomorrow maybe Friday evening
Burn the tower maybe it's better be Thursday morning
I'm sure that we can figure something out figure it out
We will sink the diving tower but maybe not tonight
We will chop it up in tiny pieces when the time is right
Tring is playing tennis and Yun is driving gigs
And Koehri is responsible for filling the sea with fish
Can someone make a spreadsheet quick write down the names
Call the mayor's name and number I call up his available days
There we have our answer Friday's best for all
We will sink the tower 'n friday
Between three thirty-five and four