What Will I Say
Stories From Norway: Northug

What Will I Say

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How can I face my father after this
God knows
I feel so ashamed
I know so many words
But don't know which ones to use
When I try to explain
I was driving the ch
My skies were

My child, what have you done
I was your favorite son
Now I don't know what to tell you ooh
Should I just shake his hand
It feels wierd to hug a man
What do I say if he starts crying

What will I say to my father
What will I say to my son
What will we say to each other
When we meet
When we meet
When we meet ooh

Wanna reach out and tell him I'm sorry
Wanna touch him and say I forgive
When I know what to say
Will they all be okay
When we need

When you look into the eyes of your father
When you see into the soul of your son
Words are obsolete
If you know what you likes to eat
Who needs words
Who needs words

When you've been jogging so far
And you crave some caviar
And you father has tube in his hands ooh
And you know you are home
No longer alone, caviar

Yes you know you're our home
You know longer alone