You're Fucked
Stories From Norway: Northug - Episode 1

You're Fucked

作詞:    作曲:

On a scale from one to ten, my friend, you're fucked
In lack of other words, I'd say you're fucked
You are, as they say in Japanese,
Fucked from the head down to the knees
I am sorry to inform you, you are fuuundamentally fucked

But people will forget as time goes by (no, you're fucked)
What if I tell them that it was some other guy (still fucked)
I don't think you understand by far
How completely super-fucked you are
You are Hitler-in-the-bunker fucked

You're fucked!
So fucked!

(You are super-duper-fucked, all-the-dripper-fucked)
Now there should have been a moral here, should it not?
(You are super-duper-fucked)
I can't think of anything besides "you're fucked"
(My God, you are fucked)
You are F, U, C, K, E, and D
That spells "fucked" if you're too fucked to see
So don't you ever drink and drive my friend
Unless you wanna to jail and get fucked again

You are absolutely super-fucked
You're fucked