Intellectual Property Rights

KKBOX has all along supported legitimate music and respected intellectual property rights. The copyrights of all recordings provided by our online music service are licensed by all relevant record companies. Copyright licenses have been acquired by KKBOX from different music publishing copyright agents, owners or relevant collective management societies in respect of the copyright subsisting in musical works. Yet, there is no registration system for copyright acquisition and transfer while KKBOX Music Library contains millions of songs. According to our past copyright licensing practices, there have been occasions that the payees are in fact not the actual rights owners. If you are the copyright owner of the recordings, musical works covered by KKBOX Music Library, but have never been approached by us for a licensing arrangement, please inform us by e-mail. It is our position that copyright must be respected. We will contact you as soon as we receive your notice.

In addition to the foregoing, our online music service may include the content from YouTube that is subject to YouTube related policies. All rights belong to the original owners. If you believe that there is any copyright violation, please address all concerns to Youtube copyright center.

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