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KKBOX launches its cloud music platform in Japan



KKBOX Inc. today announced that it will launch its mobile cloud music platform in the middle of June 2011 with Japan's telecom giant, KDDI, in collaboration with RecoChoku, Japan's largest music contents provider.

By utilizing KKBOX's cloud music platform and service operation infrastructure, KDDI will launch an on-demand, unlimited music streaming service on its Android-based smartphones. The music subscription service will carry the brand of "LISMO unlimited.

RecoChoku, Japan's largest digital music content provider established by Japan's major music labels, will be providing music licensing and content in this partnership.

"Cloud music is the up-rising trend in digital music industry, and it is also a killer-application for smartphone. KKBOX's cloud-music technology and service operation experience will turbo-charge KDDI's LISMO unlimited service on smartphone with the best user experience," said Chris Lin, KKBOX's CEO. "We are very excited to be in this partnership with KDDI and RecoChoku, in which we have allied the best possible resources in this industry to offer a very compelling cloud-music experience on smartphones."

About KKBOX Inc.
KKBOX, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, is Asia's leading cloud music service provider. Its cloud-based music subscription service has market-dominating position in Taiwan and Hong Kong with over 8 million registered members. KDDI made a strategic investment to acquire majority share of KKBOX during December, 2010.

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