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Every album of the immortal Beatles is now on KKBOX



Join all Beatles fans for 14 studio albums and 3 collections at 00:00 on February 29th

Follow KKBOX on the Abbey Road, or wherever you are, for the legendary Beatles

The all-time bestseller, first mega rock concert and first world-touring band – it’s the Beatles

Innumerable artists covered Hey JudeYellow SubmarineYesterdayLet It Be and other classics to pay tribute to the Beatles

All the 17 albums from the years of the Beatles – the legendary British rock band – are coming to KKBOX at 00:00 on February 29th. In addition to bringing the immortal classics to every Beatles aficionados, the KKBOX debut is expected to ignite another Beatlemania as well.

You may have listened to many Beatles masterpieces such as Hey JudeYellow SubmarineYesterdayLet It BeAcross The UniverseI Want to Hold Your Hand and In My Life covered by other celebrated artists, but now you can find all the originals on KKBOX and enjoy wherever you are.

Many great musicians around the world, such as Radiohead, Oasis and more, considered the Beatles their mentors. Mayday, a popular Taiwanese band that claims to have been influenced by the British group, also said, “there wouldn’t be Mayday without the Beatles”.

In “The Beatles, Tomorrow” stage and behind-the-scene exhibition held in Taipei last year, Mr. Shihfang Ma, a music commentator dubbed “the walking Beatles encyclopedia”, and Matthew Tsai from Mayday joined to share their enthusiasm.

“If there were no Beatles, rock music might not have been the way as we knew it,” said Mr. Ma. “They were forerunners of ‘bands of original creations,’ and they experimented different styles to expand and explore new possibilities of pop music, while making rock a new form of artistic expressions.”

KKBOX members can now listen to a total of 17 Beatles albums released through the years – from Please Please MeYellow SubmarineAbbey Road to the last group album Let It Be, along with several collections.

Originally a rock band, the Beatles was formed in Liverpool, England in 1960 by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. According to RIAA, the “greatest, most influential band ever” was the best-selling band in American history, and it holds the record of the most top-chart albums and market-leading singles in England.

In 2004, the Rolling Stone Magazine bestowed the “Greatest Artists in History” title to the Beatles, and Billboard Magazine listed the Beatles as top of the “100 Most Successful Artists in History”. In 2014, the Beatles was presented the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

• A complete list of the 17 studio albums and collections to appear on KKBOX:

Year        Album

1963        Please Please Me, With the Beatles

1964        A Hard Day’s Night, Beatles for Sale

1965        Help!, Rubber Soul

1966        Revolver

1967        Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Magic Mystery Tour

1968        The Beatles

1969        Yellow Submarine, Abbey Road

1970        Let It Be

1973        The Beatles 1962-1966, The Beatles 1967-1970

1988        Past Master

2000        1


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