KKBOX Partners with Audio-Technica and Bandwagon in Support of Local Musicians

KKBOX Partners with Audio-Technica and Bandwagon in Support of Local Musicians

KKBOX Singapore announces its collaboration with Audio-Techinica and Bandwagon today. Sharing the same passion to constantly innovate and provide quality to users,  KKBOX, Audio-Technica and Bandwagon launched their first collaboration with Music  Supper series.  Hosted by up-and-coming local talents StellaVee, the live-streamed series was broadcasted across social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and featured a music chart countdown, as well as fun games and performances.

The show looked to highlight the ever-growing local music scene in Singapore,  featuring homegrown local talents such as Boon HuiLu, Hubert and Joanna Dong as guests.

Louise Lin, the Integrated Marketing Director of KKBOX, shared:  “As the leading streaming music service in Asia, KKBOX understands music fans’ insights and how to maximize the influence of artists and their music. We are excited to showcase the  musical talent working with Audio Technica and Bandwagon, to develop our music fan  community through Music Supper show!“ Teng Shaokai, Audio-Technica S.E.A. Sales  & Marketing Manager, Export Business Unit, stated: “Audio-Technica’s philosophy has always been to support local talents. As a company, we believe in heightening our connection to the world through sound, with music being one of the key connections that bring people together. With the synergy between our visions, we are excited to begin  our partnership with KKBOX through KKBOX’s Music Supper show and look forward to  building up our local music scene further through this platform.”


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