Higher Brothers, HARIKIRI

Album Intro

中國說唱團體 Higher Brothers 與他們的老搭檔,英籍牙買加裔製作人 HARIKIRI 再次聯手出擊,打造最新 EP《Type-3》。此 EP 中 4 首歌曲全部由 HARIKIRI 擔任製作,與以往不同,每首都是成員的一支 rap solo,形成了這張 EP 豐富的聽覺效果。

EP 名稱“Type-3”源自他們理解中的“第三類”人。Higher Brothers 成員認為“大致可以把人們分成三種類型,第一類,墨守成規,做大家認為應該做的事;第二類,肆意妄為,只顧自己不計後果,他們是真正的壞;第三類,亦正亦邪,他們內心善良,敢於突破,不被所謂的邊界束縛,像我們一樣。希望世界上多些第三類人。”

Chinese rap stars Higher Brothers team up with longtime collaborator Harikiri for their newest EP, Type-3. The 4-track project is entirely produced by the Jamaican-British producer and it features solo appearances from each member of Higher Brothers. “There are three types of people,” the group said, speaking on the inspiration for the title. “One is your average go to work, do what you’re told type. Two are people who are bad, mean, just nasty. There there are type 3 people, who are a mix of both good and bad. They do bad things, but they are good-hearted. Type 3s are the ones the world needs.”