In Tongues Deluxe

In Tongues Deluxe


Album Intro

2017年11月,Joji的EP《In Tongues》在發行後獲得了iTunes總榜第8,R&B榜單第1的出色表現。其中單曲《Will He》登頂Spoity“全球50首熱門歌曲榜”和“北美50首熱門歌曲榜”。這張表現出色的EP在2018年2月14日正式升級為豪華版,將此前只能在Soundcloud和YouTube上收聽的單曲《Plastic Taste》和《I Don't Wanna Waste My Time》收錄其中,並邀請數位出色的電子音樂人製作了8首風格各異的Remix版本,組成了本張豪華聽覺套餐!

生於日本大阪的Joji,是一位多才且遠見卓識的歌手兼製作人,在網絡上他吸引了來自各地的追隨者。 Joji的音樂創作風格標新立異:將緩慢的節奏,憂鬱的情緒,動情的嗓音覆蓋在簡單粗糲的結構之上,再混入trap、folk、 electronic、和R&B元素。被Pigeons & Planes網站列入“2017年度最佳新人”的他,無疑是當下數字音樂時代最令人關注的,有前景的藝術家之一。

在正式做音樂前,身為網絡達人的Joji,就擁有一支數量眾多且幾近狂熱粉絲軍團,使他的搞笑視頻僅在YouTube上就收穫了6億點擊量。他開啟自己的音樂生涯後,這些忠實的追隨者依舊對他保持密切的關注。在沒有正式發行作品前,他為數不多的曲目小樣就在Soundcloud和YouTube上收穫了數以百萬的收聽量。 2017年EP《In Tongues》發行前的2首獨立單曲《I Don't Wanna Waste My Time》和《Rain On Me》,讓人看到Joji令人著迷卻低調的才華,他在音樂中情感豐富的表達和令人沉思的演繹,收穫包括Pigeons & Planes和Earmilk在內的媒體一眾好評。

作為Joji的首張正式EP,在MV的視覺呈現上同樣引人矚目。由導演Matthew Dillon Cohen(曾與Goldlink合作)指導的《Will He》和熱門導演組合BRTHR(曾與Travis Scott, The Weeknd合作)《Window》已在國內外各大平台上線。

Joji現已簽約88rising。這個先鋒媒體平台聚集了亞洲最具前瞻性的藝術家和創作者。製造了轟動網絡的Rich Brian, Keith Ape,和Higher Brothers。橋接東西方文化,88rising因它數量眾多的熱門病毒視頻系列和與美國藝術家的合作聞名。 《福布斯》曾對其作出評價稱,作為展現亞洲文化,兼具開拓眼光與音樂創意的媒體頻道先驅,88rising 在架構汎亞洲與中西方文化的橋樑上填補了一個空白,突顯了亞洲文化的獨特風格。

While the original In Tongues EP reached #8 on the overall iTunes charts and #1 on the iTunes R&B charts with single “Will He” reaching #1 on Global & US Spoity Viral 50 charts, the new Deluxe version of In Tongues adds 2 additional original tracks (“Plastic Taste” and “I Don't Wanna Waste My Time”) that were previously Soundcloud/YouTube-only and 8 new remixes from some of electronic music's finest producers of the moment.

Osaka, Japan-born singer and producer Joji is the multi-talented visionary, capturing a following from every corner of the internet. The Osaka, Japan-born musician defies convention - his songs are characterized by down tempo, melancholic themes and soulful vocals, layered over lush grimy textures, blending elements of trap, folk, electronic, and R&B. Named a Best New Artist of 2017 by Pigeons & Planes, Joji is one of the most interesting and promising artists living in the digital age.

A master of multiple mediums, Joji commands a massive and almost fanatical fan base, with over 600 million views on YouTube alone. His loyal following has carried over into Joji's music career. Although yet to release anything commercially, Joji's few tracks have millions of plays across Soundcloud and YouTube. His only two 2017 songs thus far - “I Don't Wanna Waste My Time” and “Rain On Me” - have already been lauded for their “beautiful, captivating, understated quality” (Pigeons & Planes) and “lush emotion and thoughtful execution” (Earmilk).

In Tongues is the first full project from Joji and it is supported with beautiful and moving visuals for “Will He” - directed by Matthew Dillon Cohen (Goldlink) - and “Window” - directed by critically acclaimed duo BRTHR (Travis Scott, The Weeknd ).

Joji is signed to 88rising - the team behind Internet-breaking sensations Rich Brian, Keith Ape, and Higher Brothers. 88rising is the pioneering media platform representing the most forward-thinking artists and creators from Asia. Bridging East and West, 88rising is known for its "slew of massive viral video hits and collaborations with established American artists" (CNN). Led by an award-winning team of creative visionaries all over the world, 88rising is “clearly filling a void,” (Forbes) by celebrating the unique cultural landscapes of Asia and beyond.