And I'm here

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And I'm here just我在這裡
just like I used to be就像以往那樣
We were here in old days像往日一樣我們仿佛就在這裡
with you with me依偎在一起

All my fears have gone所有的不安和恐懼都隨之而去
when you whisper to me當你在我耳邊低語
No matter how不管我們
near or far apart apart是若即還是若離

When you feel so lonely(Have you completely erased me)當你感到彷徨的時候(你是否已經徹底忘卻了我)
I'll be here to shelter you(from your memories from yours)我都會在這裡守護你(在你的記憶裡)
When you feel so lonely(While I still feel your breeze)當你感到無力的時候(我依舊能感受到你的呼吸)
I'll be here here for you(holding your hands again)我會在這裡(再次握緊你的手)

If I could fly above the clouds如果我能飛上雲霄
like all the birds像那些鳥兒一樣
And I could hold you for a while我想我會牢牢的牽著你

to let you feel my pulse讓你感受我的心跳
Still here all alone而這裡孤寂依舊
My whole life我的一生
and all my heart我的所有

You're my whole life你是我的全部
and all my heart我的心
And I'm here home home我會一直在你的心裡
With you With me在那裡我們依偎在一起