The Visit
Remember Us To Life

The Visit

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I'm so glad that you stopped in
And I had some things to say
But now they've been forgotten
They'll get said a different day
They'll get said a different way

'Cause everything keeps changing
Life is always raging
Beyond the walls and cages
Everybody changes
Til tomorrow's yesterday

I'm so glad that you stopped by
And I will not ask you why
It's just good to see you
You always make me smile
And you always make me sigh

Sometimes I still wonder
Why the sounds of distant thunder
Always pulled you under
Why you searched, but never found her
Why she always got away

And somewhere on the hill
Inside the past we hear the bells
Catching only parts of thoughts
And fragments of ourselves
Till we begin again

I'm so glad that you are here
And I know that it's been years
I'm just glad to see you
And there's no need for tears

Time's best friend is fear
That's how it can find us
And do it's greatest kindness
Always to remind us
That it's our only time inside
This body and this mind

And somewhere in my mind
Behind closed eyes, I see the past
Catching every moment that went by
To make it last till I begin again

La la la la la la la...