Room feat. (Hanachika)

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My fingers slowly graze against the stains remained
at midnight deep in a room unroofed

drowned in thin illusion and lost my way in the fog
but still I long for
Even now
I still do
I’m missing you
wanna tell you !
Do you hear me now ?

The silent words become tears, melting in the air
I turn into a grounded summerfish
losing my arms
then the legs
Without you I don’t even know how to breathe
Do you feel the same as me?

In this lonely journey I crawl on the knees
until they’re muddy and bloody
Through crowds of strayers
Away from prayers just to see you once again.

It was on the rainy day when the whole world
is washed away by downpour
I had a sweet dream
cause you’re the one I need

ever since the day I escaped
time has gone by
love I tried to hide, bubbles over from inside
ends up here

still today
the red thread has been saturated in sigh and scret
it can never be tied back

The path we walked along together
is broken off forever
Let’s say, if I were scared
to be left alone
would we never reach a happy ending?

So get
haunted by deep remorse as
dawntakes over the darkness
I fell in love with you
That’s all I want you to know

Flash back
to the rainy day when the rain
was streaming down my face
The warmth in our hands
as we leaned close to each other
Do you even remember?

But I let it go into the air
under such sunlight glare
It’s time to goodbye
I’ll take all the blame this time