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Holiday Wish Come True Holiday Wish Come True 2022/11/17 Santa Rode a T-Rex Santa Rode a T-Rex 2022/10/26 Somebody To You Somebody To You 2022/09/15 Open Hands Open Hands 2022/07/14 Days Like This Days Like This 2022/05/25 Who We Are Who We Are 2022/03/11 Hope Floats Hope Floats 2022/01/21 I'm Not Giving Up I'm Not Giving Up 2021/10/22 Easy to Love Easy to Love 2021/09/02 Hopelessly Hopelessly 2021/08/06 Who We Are Who We Are 2021/06/24 Covers Two Covers Two 2021/02/05 The "Hits" | Acoustic The "Hits" | Acoustic 2019/11/15 Lift Me Up Lift Me Up 2019/09/20 Lift Me Up Lift Me Up 2019/08/23 Gotta Get Up Gotta Get Up 2019/08/02 Sorry Sorry 2019/07/12 Days I Will Remember Days I Will Remember 2018/04/20 The Whatamagump The Whatamagump 2018/02/12 Covers Two Covers Two 2017/03/03