Peter Bjorn And John 全部專輯

Rubbing Eyes Blind Rubbing Eyes Blind 2022/03/11 Songs of Love Songs of Love 2022/01/31 Music Music 2021/02/21 Endless Play Endless Play 2020/12/11 Endless Dream Endless Dream 2020/03/13 Drama King Drama King 2020/01/31 On The Brink On The Brink 2020/01/10 Idiosyncrasy Idiosyncrasy 2019/12/13 Reason To Be Reasonable Reason To Be Reasonable 2019/11/15 Rusty Nail Rusty Nail 2019/10/18 INGRID Live Session INGRID Live Session 2019/05/15 EPBJ EPBJ 2019/02/22 Darker Days Darker Days 2018/10/19 Wrapped Around the Axle Wrapped Around the Axle 2018/10/12 One for the Team One for the Team 2018/09/20 Gut Feeling Gut Feeling 2018/09/19 Every Other Night Every Other Night 2018/09/18 Breakin' Point (Deluxe Edition) Breakin' Point (Deluxe Edition) 2017/03/03 Dominos Dominos 2016/10/28 What You Talking About? - Claptone Remix What You Talking About? - Claptone Remix 2016/09/30