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About ‘G.NA’ - Latest Choice from Cube Entertainment
Cube Entertainment, who brought two prominent acts ‘4Minute’ & ‘Beast’ to the K-pop market last year, now introduces a brand new act: G.NA (Korean name Gina Choi), the latest vision of top producer Simon Hong. Even before her debut, G.NA has been the center of public attention having reached the top keyword in major portal websites. Soon after her debut she proved that she was not just a media boast, but had real popularity. Her debut single “I will get lost, you go your way” went straight to No. 1 on all the music sites, enough to shock K-pop fans.

About ‘G.NA’ - Coming Out of the Closet: A Glamorous Debut
G.NA was originally the lead singer of girl group ‘Ohsonyo(5 girls)’ known as “the misfortunate girl group” because of their break-up even before their debut. But most of ex-members of ‘Ohsonyo’ are now prominent members in various girl groups: Yoobin from Wondergirls, Yu-ee of Afterschool and Hyosung Jun of Secret.
Since the breakup of ‘Ohsonyo’, G.NA has remained out of the music scene for a while. Finally, she appeared on stage at the ‘2010 Cube Stars party’, at the time to announce her debut officially. After hosting with fluent English and pulling off an explosive live performance, she regained the attention of the public and fans were drawn to her again. Just 6 months later, after much preparation, G.NA finally got on stage with her own solo act.

About ‘G.NA’- Next Generation female star is born.
G.NA has been critically acclaimed as being a seasoned artist, known for her powerful voice, compared to those like Christina Aguilera and a stage performance with the likes of Jennifer Lopez & Beyonce. Unlike most debut artists, her voice and sophisticated live performance fully live up to the expectation of K-pop fans who have been eagerly waiting for a good female solo artist in a current torrent of girl groups in the music market. With her debut album just barely released [Draw G’s First Breath] G. NA is ready to show fans the talent that she’s really got.