If I Ever Get Around To Living - Album Version

作詞:John Mayer    作曲:John Mayer

If I ever get around to living,
I'm gonna put my things away
In the drawers and in the closets
There I'll stay

If I ever get around to living,
It's gonna be just like I dreamed
I'm gonna take the love I'm given
And set it free

If I ever get around to living,
I'll take the end of every day
Tie it up to every morning
And sail away

Free, free

Maybe it's all a dream I'm having at seventeen
I don't have tattoos
And very soon, mother will be calling me
Saying, "Come upstairs, you've got some work to do"

(When you gonna wise up, boy? . . . ) x4
You are hiding in your mind
Working all the time
Trying to make it better than you got it
And you've been spending all your time searching for a sign
That's never gonna look the way you want it
(I think you better wise up, boy . . . . )