awoy (feat. 巡音ルカ)

awoy (feat. 巡音ルカ)

作詞:m@rk     作曲:m@rk
when I see the sky, it surely gazes at me too.
take me to the stars, make me free from the ground.

they look so close to me, that just gives me pain.
nothing to forbid, but I will never be there.

I've kept my eyes away from the days with you.
the only I know, the past won't let me go.

but now I'm back into my memories,
I find what I has been searching for.

the feel of your hands is fading away.
just a blink, what we got in those days is.
I will call your name time after time.
are you there? can you hear me?

still in my eyes, I see the light.
I'll take a step toward that day.

you were here. I am here.
so, here is home for you and me