Brand Discography

Echoes of the Evening Echoes of the Evening 2024/07/21 7.4km 7.4km 2024/06/01 Te Quedaste En Mí Te Quedaste En Mí 2024/05/24 J.E.M J.E.M 2024/04/24 One Night One Night 2024/04/08 Chitwan Khatra Chitwan Khatra 2024/03/06 Tarika Tarika 2024/03/06 Black Out Black Out 2024/03/01 Meri Maya Meri Maya 2024/02/29 Aama Aama 2024/02/29 Go to Hell Go to Hell 2024/02/26 Paisa Paisa 2024/02/20 Good bye, Good bye, 2024/01/07 Wish it was a movie Wish it was a movie 2023/12/16 La Meta De Sanar La Meta De Sanar 2023/12/08 Morena Morena 2023/10/27 No Gods No Masters No Gods No Masters 2023/09/29 *23# *23# 2023/09/26 Love tape Love tape 2023/08/26 Be My Life Be My Life 2023/08/12