Kanae Asaba ディスコグラフィー

Aishiteru No Oto Aishiteru No Oto 2024/04/26 Love Begets Love Love Begets Love 2022/09/30 Make A Wonderful Day Make A Wonderful Day 2021/12/08 Fendi Fendi 2021/03/03 儚いクロニクル (soundflora* Fleeting Mix) 儚いクロニクル (soundflora* Fleeting Mix) 2020/07/01 色褪せないダリア -かみやゆりみっくす- 色褪せないダリア -かみやゆりみっくす- 2020/02/12 Rainbow Rainbow 2019/08/30 Love Collection Love Collection 2019/02/22 Within Me Within Me 2019/02/15 Where We Go Where We Go 2019/02/08 Spacewalk Spacewalk 2019/02/08 Let There Be Light Let There Be Light 2019/02/01 A New Day A New Day 2019/01/25 Dreaming Of Love Dreaming Of Love 2019/01/18 More Than You Know More Than You Know 2019/01/11 Kiss The Sky Kiss The Sky 2019/01/11 What Do You Want For Christmas Day What Do You Want For Christmas Day 2018/12/14 Hello Hello 2018/10/05 Monster Monster 2018/06/30 Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday!! 2018/06/30