House Of Tapes ディスコグラフィー

Abyss Of Twilight Abyss Of Twilight 2024/04/10 Monochrome Scream Monochrome Scream 2024/02/01 Alt Alt 2023/05/29 Trip Sky Trip Sky 2023/02/27 Lights Out (CHILL OUT ver.) Lights Out (CHILL OUT ver.) 2022/11/26 Phantom of Eden Phantom of Eden 2022/01/31 Over Chaos Over Chaos 2021/11/29 Sleep Screaming Sleep Screaming 2021/02/28 Flowers in the Dark Flowers in the Dark 2020/05/03 Paranoia Will Never Die Paranoia Will Never Die 2020/04/26 Embers Dreams Embers Dreams 2019/08/07 Last Eden Last Eden 2019/06/26 Colorful Life Colorful Life 2019/05/15 Made In Hope Made In Hope 2018/03/16