Takajii ディスコグラフィー

THE REAL BRAVE(remix self cover) THE REAL BRAVE(remix self cover) 2022/05/28 Overcoming Overcoming 2022/03/10 Loose cannon Loose cannon 2020/01/24 Valiente Valiente 2020/01/24 Dive to the sky Dive to the sky 2018/02/22 Gratitude Gratitude 2018/02/22 RAIN RAIN 2018/02/22 Portrait Portrait 2018/02/22 Too much for me Too much for me 2018/02/22 Break down ~tangle flakes mix Break down ~tangle flakes mix 2018/02/22 Wild changing Wild changing 2018/02/22 VD6 VD6 2018/02/22 The answer The answer 2018/02/22 Cell Division Cell Division 2018/02/22 Naked Truth Naked Truth 2018/02/22 CHASER CHASER 2018/02/22