A Heartbreak

作詞:N'Eita    作曲:N'Taichi

I never ever know about a true love.
I love a lot of songs about deep love.
I never ever touch anyone's love...
I've been trying not to love.
傷つかない 傷つけない

I never ever feel f**k love and hate.
もう愛しては くれないなら 嫌いだって 言えたなら
楽なのに I can't hate you. Have a heartbreak.

I never ever loved anyone like you
You never was in my world.
You was singing as you liked in your world I can't be in.
痛い 痛い

I never ever moved my heart by your song.
愛してなんて 歌わないで きっと泣いて 灰になって
逃げてくって So run away. Have a heartbreak.

And so run away and Have a heartbreak. Dead.
嫌いになんて なれなくって Have a heartbreak.

I'll sing about my own.
I'll know a my love.
I have a lot of songs I like.
I'll sing about a life. Know “what's a love”
傷つけって 恐れろって 踏み出せ

I'm singing about your love.
I'm giving you my love.
愛してるって 歌うだけ それだけで 生きれるって
Still love you. I can't hate you. Have a heartbreak.