Senior Skip Day

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I'm just high, why they hatin' on me?
People tend to think all the drinks on me
I don't even have the money to spend
To buy patron for you and all your friends
Baby, I be on my grind, rain, sleet, snow
Rollin' up good every place we go
'Cause we tryin' to get high, get high, get high
Know the bullshit and all the problems
But we too gone to see
Little bit of this and a little bit of that
We proceed to give them what they need
Just wakin up and gettin stoned
Rub my eyes and check my phone
Open up the fridge to make some waffles
But no more syrup left in my bottle
Damn, well, it's okay
I top it off with scrambled eggs
Aye gotta work with watcha got
Aye gotta work with watcha got

Supposed to be in class but I ain't goin'
Let's chill on the couch
See whats on the telly
Girl, we won't leave the house
Can ya stay a while?
Can ya stay a while?
'Cause girl I'm feelin' lazy and I'm tryna hang around

Ain't tryna get out of my bed till noon
Neighbors smell the perfume smoke in my room
And I got the door closed can't be sure though
Amsterdam weed spending euro's
Get the herb rolled
Let's relax
Take your shoes off and kick it back
We escaped the world
Escaped the stress
But I don't give a fuck if the house a mess
Cuz we gonna handle that later, we gonna handle that later
Right now let's get that paper and smile for all them haters
Aye cream cheese and a bagel
Have a glass of milk and an ego
I'm rockin' PJ's and no shirt
I smoke weed, eat yogurt

Enjoy the best things in your life
Cuz you aint gonna get to live it twice
They say you waste time asleep
But im just tryna dream

Suppose to be in class but i aint go
And lets chill on the couch
See whats on the telly
Where we wont leave house
Can ya stay a while
Can ya stay a while
Cuz girl im feelin lazy and im tryna hang around