Young & Reckless
Young & Reckless


  1. Young & Reckless

Young & Reckless

作詞:麻辣頌Malasung    作曲:麻辣頌Malasung

We young and reckless, eat puss for breakfast
I’m popping couple pills and d ozing on the mattress
That’s where the cash is, in all this madness
Drown in a pool of liquor don’t remember what happened
Hold on
All these cats wanna copy yuh
Swerving nervous with a fourty yuh
Neighbours snitching on the police yuh
Couple ounces of substance yuh
Abuse my body till i’m dropping yuh
I think we have a little problem yuh
We don’t dance but we gon pop em yuh
We young and reckless
This the shit, you feel me yuh
I stay loyal la familia
Cloudy gang and we popping up
Made in china
Better duck when you see me yuh
Give a fuck if you feel me yuh
Rob you silly with a sticky yuh
Quarter pound of that icky yuh
Now I’m sitting in the back and counting all theses dollas
Used to have steal for food in the school cafeteria
Mama wasn’t bad she raised 3 kids propa
Well 2, cause the oldest was a dg dl
We young and reckless
We young and reckless
Call me on my celly if you wanna talk money
I don’t ever front no junkies unless you a close homie
Uh show no love to pussies cause I’m gucci with louie
Bout to blow up overseas hundred g’s just to book me
Rain Gang
We young and reckless