Sunday Park - REMASTERED 2015

作詞:吉位 文子    作曲:小林 武史

In The Sunday Park
Light in the afternoon
I listen to the sound of my dream
Coming through
All the mountains of
Blueberries and greens
fairy tale lullaby

I was down last night
Too much to handle here
I didn't know how to carry on
Still lucky
All the mess in my head, is fading now
Among the crowd on the street

I wish you'd come to my place
You would be smiling so close to me
I wish the day dream never ends

I'm the kind of girl, who lives only for today
but I think it's o.k. to be myself
Especially when you're not around
I need someone to hold
I know how to have fun

I wish you were here by my side
we would be talking something silly
I wish the day dream never ends

when I feel a single beat of my lonely heart
I can sing, I can cry, without knowing why
Yes I tried and I tried to the way to you
somehow life always leads through a maze
everyday everynight you live in my mind
everyday everynight still pleasure and pain
melodies of memories will never stop
you are with me until the end of time
just a day dream in The Sunday Park