Any Moment Now

作詞:Carolyn Leigh    作曲:M. Hamlisch

Any moment now, he'll notice me
Me, and my butterfly heart
Any moment now, he'll turn around and grin
And say at last where have you been?
We're late for daybreak on the Riviera
If not the Riviera, the beach at Malibu
The rich Madera sunset, going on forever
With my arms growing cold,
And his arms growing warm with life unfolding
Any moment now, he'll say to me
Why don't you follow your heart?
How can he know that I've been praying he'd arrive
Afraid to come alive till then, just saying
Any moment now

Any moment now, she'll notice me
Me and my, simple guy ways
Any moment now, she'd said she'd settle down
If that were true I'd paint the town
I'd take her flying to Atlantic City
If not Atlantic City, to see Niagara Falls
I know a pretty trout stream up above Seattle
What a life we could build
in a home, that is filled with love and laughter

Any moment now

You'd say to me

You'd humor me

Chase the past

Those overcast days

How can I begin?
Forgetting where we've been

To love

To let the laughter in again

It's always any moment now

Oh any moment now