The Mrs. & Me

作詞:     作曲:

I stare out through rippled glass across and past the front porch swing
Summertime is my reflection, it just stares me down
Some mornings we don't recognize each other
Other days we're sad old friends
Not a word will pass between us, yet we understand
Just like the Mrs and me
Just like she and I used to be
Just like Abigail Brewer Wrigley

She used to wake up early every morning, make a cup of tea and go outside
And I would watch her from this window, I would write it all down
Painting portrait after portrait with my words
Of the Mrs at tea, just as she used to be
Just like Abigail Brewer Wrigley

I lost the old girl nearly four years back, and now I'm lonely in the home
I make due with my reflection, an old and spited man whom I once knew
To look frantically for notepads, never far out of reach
And write down all the comings and goings outside the rippled glass across the front porch swing
Where the Mrs and me held hands indefinitely, me and my sweet Abigail Wrigley
Abigail Brewer Wrigley