Workout Plan - Album Version (Explicit)

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Ay Wussup girl

Heyy girl

Hey How u doin'?

Ay you know i finally got my shit together been watchin' that workout plan gurl!!

Well you lookin' all good and stuff you got you a-

Girl i know it's that workout

Got you a six pack Shakur and stuff

Don't say it

My nigga my nigga I'm tired of puttin' 1-8-7 in my nigga's pager that shit ain't workin' no more

Girl you know I'mma video hofesional now (Girl) since I copped this new workout plan my shit is right, rollin' in Lexus, Acuras, everything girl

Girl, you need to let me know where I can cop that, how much is it?

Girl, you know you ain't gotta pay nothin' around me, I'm the bootleg queen I'll give it to you for Free.99


That's my dawg, you always lookin' out for us

My nigga, now I can throw away my bus pass and shit oh my God

Oh, shit