Crying Like A Baby

作詞:Lyrics:李心潔    作曲:Music:大宗 Arranger:李欣芸
我就坐在她的身邊 看著她呼出最後一口氣
眼角流下二行淚 我真的不知道人死了以後會去那裡
但是 我願意相信 她就住在那個白色的天堂裡

I miss my AMA I miss my AMA
She is far far far away from me
She lives in the white white heaven
I'm crying crying like a baby
When I meet her in my dream
I miss my papa I miss my papa

He looked so fierce when I was a child
But now he has become so kind and fragile
He was crying crying like a baby
When heset beside me and talk to me

They always told me
Life is not that difficult Trying to be brave
Just find your happiness Their love wilI never change Just
like an angel Live in my heart forever forever forever

I miss my manna I miss my manna
She always smiles smiles like an angel
Gave me power to face challenge
I'm crying crying like a baby
When she holds me tightly in her arms