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Call me the dreamer
Head's in the clouds
What must go up always comes down
I still believe
This was always here for me
This was always meant to be

So call me a dreamer
I feel like a clown
Guess that's what you get for stickin' around
Don't know how much longer
I don't know how much pain I can bear
Honey please

Holdin' on for you
Whatcha need now?

Oh contrary
Poor Mother Mary
It's like everybody knows
The way you ran the show
Was it all about control?

Call me a friend
Don't call me a foe
Look for the truth
Know you're never alone
Just look to the sky
For the shooting golden lights
Like arrows in the night

Holdin' on for you
Whatcha need now?
All you need is love

Now you see
Whatcha done to me
I swear everybody knows
You're holdin' on to me
Honey please, honey

Holdin' on for you
Holdin' on for you
All you needed was love
Holdin' on for you