作詞:オカモトショウ・オカモトコウキ    作曲:オカモトショウ

Earphones was my shovel. During class,
couldn't stop digging my own hole
Imagination like balloons flew me up up to the deepest place in sky

The girl came and took my earphones
she smiled and asked what's so good about this?
After month I found her from stage,
dancing dancing that's when I found something I want

Yeah, when I pass I only need one memory
That my life was always music Wow...
Yeah, what else do I need to be so proud of me
If my life was only music Wow...

No doubt google me, I'm a man who has no life except my band
I'm spending all all my life to take you to my hole I dug

Yeah, before I pass I sure will gonna write a song
How my life was, how I miss my band Wow...
Yeah, heaven must be boring they might need some bands
We can play some more, some more music Wow...

What you been talking now is
What's gonna make you so

What you been talking now is
What's gonna