Flirt (調情)
True Legend 101
Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文)


  1. Can't Let You Go (捨不得你)
  2. Hey! Man! (男仕今天你很好)
  3. I Love You Fall Ever (秋冬愛的故事)
  4. Song For The Dead (愛的輓歌)
  5. A Glass Of Tequila (TEQUILA一杯)
  6. The Lonely Man & Woman (孤男寡女)
  7. Never Want To Give You Up (放不低)
  8. Beware Of Woman (小心女人)
  9. Colour ... Scent (顏色... 氣味)
  10. Owe You Nothing (不拖不欠 (電影“百份百感覺1”主題曲))
  11. Disagreement (意見不合)
  12. Asking Me (問我(電影“百份百感覺1”插曲))
  13. Passion (濃情)
  14. Tacit Moment (默契 (電影“百份百感覺2”主題曲))
  15. Almost Certain (呼之欲出)
  16. X Party (X 派對)
  17. Final Success (最後勝利)
  18. Sister Theresa (加爾各答的天使-德蘭修女)
  19. Talk About Love (談情說愛)
  20. Our Theme Song (我們的主題曲 (電影“愛你愛到殺死你”主題曲))
  21. Non Classifiable Gender (非男非女)
  22. Woman's Strength (女人本色)
  23. Sighing (唉聲嘆氣)
  24. Become A Star (一夜成名)
  25. Love Changes (情變)
  26. What's The Use Of Love (愛有什麼用)
  27. Encounter (偶遇)
  28. Everyone Is A Superstar (星秀傳說(Everyone Is A Superstar)) - Everyone Is A Superstar
  29. Our Close Relationship (親密關係 (電影“行運一條龍”主題曲))
  30. Language Of Life (生活語言)
  31. Show Time (表演時間)
  32. Crying Game (哭泣游戲)
  33. Ideal Lover (理想對象)
  34. Sudden Thought (心血來潮)
  35. Feel So Good (Feel So Good)
  36. My Pet (寵物)
  37. You Only (唯獨你一個)
  38. Not Tonight (今晚不可以)
  39. No Medicine Can Help (無藥可救)
  40. Wish You Happy (祝你快樂)
  41. The Right Lover (真命天子)
  42. Loving You Is My Life's Ideal (愛你是我一生中理想)
  43. Shinning (發熱發亮)
  44. Episode (插曲) - Acoustic Version
  45. Fatalism (宿命主義)
  46. Love You Very Much (很愛很愛你)
  47. Can't Have Too Much (不可多得)
  48. Choose One Out Of The Two Lovers (兩個只能愛一個)
  49. Arigatou (Arigatou)
  50. Symptoms Of Lost Love (失戀有根據)
  51. The Last One (煞科)
  52. Ladies First (Ladies First)
  53. Emotion Line (感情線上 (電影“孤男寡女”主題曲))
  54. If We Don't See Each Other (如果我們不再見)
  55. Not Suitable For Children (兒童不宜)
  56. Diamond Is A Girl's Best Friend (珠光寶氣)
  57. Love Is ... (愛是... (with 大懒堂))
  58. A Reason To Have My Tears Drop (如何掉眼淚)
  59. My Exclusive One (獨家試唱)
  60. Searching For Love (禁果花 (電影“鍾無艷”插曲))
  61. Beautiful Life (終身美麗 (電影“瘦身男女”主題曲))
  62. Doctor And I (醫生與我(電影“同居密友”主題曲))
  63. Shocking Pink (螢光粉紅)
  64. Hopeful Love (守望相愛)
  65. Feel Happy That Day? (那天你愉快嗎?(電影“同居密友”插曲))
  66. Pose Of Living World (人間定格)
  67. Unlucky Angel (沒有運氣的天使)
  68. Tender (交換溫柔)
  69. Parachute (跳傘)
  70. You Can't Afford To Love Me (你愛我愛不起)
  71. Glass Shoe (玻璃鞋 (電影“嫁個有錢人”主題曲))
  72. Loving Someone (愛上一個人)
  73. Roller Coaster (過山車)
  74. Last Time I Cried (上一次流淚)
  75. Come Back To Me (回來我身邊)
  76. My Darling (心肝命椗)
  77. Honestly (實不相暪)
  78. Wonder Woman (神奇女俠)
  79. The World Most (世界之最 (你願意))
  80. Flirt (調情)
  81. Try Again (Try Again) - 廣東話版
  82. 仙樂都
  83. Thanks To Him (多得他)
  84. There Is No One Else Like You (唯獨你是不可取替)
  85. 值得
  86. Betray (背叛)
  87. A Little Bit Flustcrate (微醺)
  88. Depend On (依靠)
  89. Summer Holiday (快樂不快樂) - 國
  90. Waiting For You (癡癡為你等)
  91. Promise (承諾)
  92. Letting Go (捨得)
  93. Lipstick (口紅)
  94. Complete (完整)
  95. Unbearable Touch (不能承受的感動)
  96. I Deserved (我應該得到) - 國
  97. Out Bound (出界)
  98. Never Enough (永遠都不夠)
  99. Sensible Statement (至理名言)
  100. A Crescent (上弦月)
  101. Beautiful Misunderstanding (美麗的誤會)

Flirt (調情)

作詞:黃偉文    作曲:林一峰
編曲:Edward Chan, Charles Lee, 黃偉文, 林一峰 監製:Cai De Cai

爐灶透光 熬成熱湯 投下過 太多血汗 太多渴望 感情何時放
抑鬱滿腔 何來藥方 平復我 那些歲月 那些寄望

Once upon a time, when you were still mine
仍然像魔法 沒有法子可以解

煉製愛的秘方 最尾卻通通泡湯
落了太多愛下去 自己都不快樂卻妄想有希望
就怪那天到訪 吃過你一顆軟糖
味覺記憶裡盛放 盛放 被愛剎那芬芳

Once upon a time, when you were still mine
如甜蜜的債 沒有法子可以解

煉製愛的秘方 最尾卻通通泡湯
落了太多愛下去 自己都不快樂卻妄想有希望
就怪那天到訪 吃過你一顆軟糖
味覺記憶裡盛放 盛放 被愛剎那芬芳

嚐過禁果 還求甚麼
來日我 也許跌墜 也該慶賀 高潮曾來過