Genocide (feat. Dahn Farro)

Genocide (feat. Dahn Farro)

作詞:Getter    作曲:Getter

Ay yo, shout out to my nigga Getter for this shit man...

Let's get it!

All my West Side niggas stand up man

I'm choking from something, it's potent and flowing
My shots to that Hennessy
I see you new niggas be dissing me, but all that bullshit don't get to me
Rest in peace to my niggas that dig it, they finish, I pray they watch over me

If this rapping don't work then I'm catching the senses for cooking up coke and leaves...

Selling dopamine, no one I know is as dope as me
It's a disease get the antidote from me
Doctor said that there's no hope for me
I see the Heavens gates are opening
There's life after death for me hopefully
My spirit flow, smoking hella trig
Always fixing up my recipe
That's to the death of me
Nigga do or die
Fuck with me squad that means suicide
All of my niggas in the penitentiary
Keep your head up and your spirit live Lyrical genocide

On a mission to free all my niggas that stuck in the struggle we living it
When they hear my large synthesis I'm on the block with some stack and I'm giving it
We're from ocean to ocean to picking that cotton
The struggle, we know it well
I'm the fucking Grim Reaper
I make the decision for niggas to go to hell

So don't fuck with me
Killas got love for me, bringing them choppers to show and tell
I'm ripping the west allow me my death with some strain
I'm seeing well....

I ain't in this shit just for the fame, and fuck all y'all niggas that's entertained
This is the realist position I've ever been in so you niggas can feel my pain
Tell my mother and father and brothers and uncles and partners to pray for me
If you happen to get into Heaven before me my nigga then wait for me

Cuz this struggle that stem from my leaf when this shit is addicted by heroin
I came from above, I swear to God death is y'all is your nigga is heaven sin
So list me with all of that bullshit and drama my bastards its definite

On a mission to pray it's been patiently waiting it's time to start drilling shit
Killing shit you with my nigga's shit that's what the mission is mixed in with all of that chickenshit
They ain't saying it out loud but they running me
Damn it I know that they wishing it
If you've got an opinion I'm telling you now your opinion is irrelevant
Ain't no just for me telling it
Focused on money, not pussy I'm celibate

Smoking a lot to relax and my bros got my back with the Mac that go
Better watch how you act cuz my bros on attack, they don't they react
Smoking a lot to relax and my bros got my back with the Mac that go
Better watch how you act cuz my bros on attack, they don't they react