作詞:羅錦輝、李毅傑、王梓鑫、譚鈞    作曲:bugman

時空鬥轉星移 我在火光四濺降臨 四處街區寂靜電光火石啪啪
燃燒零星 大腦神經眩暈 斷裂又殘缺的記憶 線索太亂
拼湊起來我來自未來 家被外星物種破壞生靈塗炭
勾結虛妄的人 狼狽為奸 把槍口對準平民
彌漫的硝煙 來自無厭的貪婪蒙蔽和平
被越過的防線 所見 殘垣斷壁已杳無人煙
擦亮戰士的劍尊嚴 絕對反擊還擊為我世界
敵人想要把我摧毀 我讓我的兄弟相信
我的機甲已被追尾 聽到了警報的聲音
請不要傷心 如果今天我會死 孩子們記住他的名字
沒有自由吾寧死 結束CARIEMA的統治
帶著傷準備迫降 我穿過一層層熱浪
把速度提到超過了聲音 接近了光我不慌張
我鼓足了勇氣加大了馬力 闖進時空漩渦的中央
眼前一黑當我醒來 竟然穿越回到過去的時光

Limpid fresh energetic reality or just a reverie
Some shit did happen here, we gotta do something to save this planet
Find a TV, again the Cariema's drama
Boss Oprama Bonald gonna conquer somewhere like a hunter overdose on marijuana
F**** this Cariema, the evilest hydra
The building still shaking while i am watching this evilshow a bomb just dropped on my block
Guess it's time to stop this mad, gotta change the past to save the future
The world is collapsing now another war is coming

CD Revolution Paratroopers from the future
We travel back in time, hope's coming sooner
See these monstrous monsters Mr. Uncle Mas
With this police don't shoot my ass and priests burst out laughing
I must warn you twice
Before the CARIEMA hit n hurt ya
Traumatize your cognition
The mob nation like Che- weapons
The Rust-your-brain resection
Rev resurrect and stop the penetration till we get bold and go brave
Revealing this whole thing
They won't stop like they never did in the past
Many guys are still thinkin they could speak for and fight for their citizens
But the wars are toward civilians
They r like bugs
The eggs will hatch into larvae but mua
Oh dont worry we gonna handle this and we about to go on a brand new trip to solve it in this time zone
Say people now follow us to wit the criminals
And their name is CARIEMA