He's Reading Helena

作詞: Jamie Lawson     作曲: Jamie Lawson

He's reading Helena just as his plane takes off
She's falling asleep through the same film she slept through before
I put my headphones on, listening to someone new
He's reading Helena, I'm stuck on you

With one hand, he turns the pages, the other always in her hands
He doesn't ever let go, not even through the turbulent skies
I find your Beatles playlist, listening to Love Me Do
He's still reading Helena, I'm still stuck on you

Everyone is dying to find
Someway just to make it through
Someone's always crucified
For doing what it is they do

He's reading Helena, over the landing call
She takes her hand out of his, cleans his glasses, then puts them back on
I've turned to Dylan, who's singing how he's tangled up in blue
Then she takes a book from her bag and she's reading Helena too
They're reading Helena, I'm stuck on you
They're reading Helena, I'm stuck on you