Mother's Milk Breath

作詞:     作曲:
Me and you, kid
Home alone, learning how to live
You for the first time and me,
well... it's been a long time coming
The hardest part is getting started
One foot falls in front of the other
One word spills out after another
Now you try...

I'm long winter sick baby stir crazy
and there are days when doubts arise
They simmer and subside for you,
little Miss Mother's Milk Breath
When the Sun gets tired I'll hang the moon
And soon, little Miss Limitless Interest
When the Moon catches fire
we'll start a new day of school

Do you know where your mouth is?
Or how to tell a lie?
Do you know what desire is?
You will in time...

Me and you, kid
Learning how to live with these tired eyes
and thin skin