Perfect Day

作詞:楊永聰 James Yang    作曲:楊永聰 James Yang

Here in the car, driving for miles,
Yeah, we'll take in the sights,
We'll reminisce,
Right the world,
Yeah, we’ll shoot the shit,
Share in old times... while there’s still time,

Here in the car, just riding round,
Yeah, we're just hanging out,
Messing about,
Laughing out loud,
All of the way, it's been a perfect day.

Right before you go,
Just want to say it loud, say it clear,
Say it for this damn world to hear,
That I thank you

It's been a perfect day

And right before you went,
I hope this message sent,
It was loud, It was true,
I'll always love you…

All of the time…

It's been a perfect day.