Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Seven
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Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Seven

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Bongo Boy Records Compilation Volume Seven

Bongo Boy Records is excited to announce the next compilation album with ten International Independent recording artists. The Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Seven includes recording artists that have been featured on The Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll TV show series which airs on Television channels across the USA. The independent record label is committed to release other volumes in Asia with featured artists from their growing record label roster and television show series.

Volume Seven brings you awesome EDM Dance tracks, happy island Reggae tunes, pure American Rock n Roll, Country and moves your feet and puts a big smile on your face. This is a great collection, a must have for your TGI Friday night dance party. Awesome !

Bongo Boy Records Compilation Volume Seven Kicks off with Lilith from Loire, France and her song "Love and Pain" (track 1) which awesome beat and strong lyrics shows off her powerful vocals and awesome guitar rifs. Continues with the dance beat next is a track from American recording artist Chickie Pagano and her song “Prisoner Of Love” (track 2); she kicks it into high gear with forceful vox and a great dance beat. From New York City ARRA feat. Psycho brings you another great dance track “Talk To Me” (track 3)
From Jamaica Da Professor, gives his island influences on “I Love Myself” (track 4).
Also from France is our next international recording artist Yona Pax (also known on previous released Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volumes. Her song “Je N’ai Plus Peur” (track 5) a beautiful romantic song sang in her native language and written by Virginie Cayla and arranged by talented Roger Louchet.
Also from The USA is George Aleman. He taking things directly to American Alternative Rock with “Back To You” (track 6) which features a catchy chorus build up and awesome bridge that leads in a great guitar solo. Another pure American Rock n Roll song comes from American recording artist Barley Station titled “I’ve Got News” (track 7). A fun upbeat Rock n Roll song that would fit nicely in your collection next to Bryan Adams or John Mellencamp.
George Aleman is back with a second song on this compilation release, “I Will Follow You” (track 8). The song brings a gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar that builds into a slow mid-tempo alt country song.
Back again on this volume seven is also Yona Pax, with her song “Another World” (track 9), which combines her two languages into a powerful pop full orchestra classic track. The verses and chorus are very nicely arranged and a pleasure to enjoy.
The last song is by returning Jamaican recording artist Da Professor and his track, “Anything Is Possible” (track 10) which is his brand new single and is nicely closing out Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Seven.

As the other previously released Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volumes this release also has something for everyone and will compliments your music collection of world indie music. Very impressive!

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