Album Intro

Bongo Boy Records’ Swiss recording artist Michael Resin’s album ‘Emotion Sickness’ is a POP/ EDM album with 10 tracks. This album will inspire, lift your spirits and it will leave an impression on you. The European flair in Michael Resin’s vocals lend complete candor to a hauntingly beautiful song like ‘Only Human’ which is truly, the jewel in this album’s crown according to International reviewer CA Marshal of Starlight Music Chronicles.

This album includes songs which touches on every emotion of the human heart: sadness, desire, passion, frustration, anger, depression, and desperation. Going deeper, there are collaborations on this release including the lovely gentle lyrics of French-born Betty Chrys in ‘Goodbye or Not’, a beautiful love duet (she has the vocal ability of Barbara Streisand here in ‘The Way We Were’).

Another collaboration on this album is with French recording artist producer Benjamin Karmer, the song ‘Thousand Tears’ which speaks to the heart about loss and coping with grief and Michael Resin clearly and beautifully demonstrates in this ballad. Other tracks on the album such as ‘Paralyzed’, ‘What I Feel For You’, ‘Believe in Love, ‘Point of No Return’, ‘I’m Free’, and ‘Falling of Deaf Ears’ are also stunning tracks and are consistent with the albums theme of Pop and EDM. This is a truly gifted Artist - Michael Resin.