Pisces Wandering EP

Pisces Wandering EP


Album Intro

A combination of the explosive voice of Golden Melody Best Duet Vocal Group Award winner and Puyuma tribe musician Gumalay with six-time Grammy Award winner and contemporary ukulele guru Daniel Ho.

Migrating within the ancient ocean of Austronesia.
Migrating within the beauty of musical sculpture.
Migrating within a dream created from observation.

Gumalay, from the Puyuma tribal village located in Taitung County, Taiwan, is naturally endowed with a rich, amazing voice, as well as the talent to handle a guitar in a free manner. His time performing in duet with Jiajia has impressed in many that unique voice of his, full of humor. He worked with Daniel Ho for the first time on the 2012 album On a Gentle Breeze, in which he stunningly exhibited his veritably spiritual voice garnished with his self-learned guitar talent. That laid the foundation for this second cooperation between the two.

Songs in this album include one of Gumalay’s own pieces, an Amis folk song, and a cover of Daniel’s signature work “Pineapple Mango”. Serving as producer, Daniel brought together top musicians, Randy Drake and Steve Billman, from the US and arranged the harmony with a Western flare, outstandingly coordinating indigenous melody with Gumalay’s sometimes resoundingly powerful, sometimes delicately soft vocal interpretations. The result is a style that is refreshing and enchanting. These songs are unbounded by any lines of lifestyle, language, ethnicity, or geography, just as schools of fish migrating through the vast ocean might meet up with each other to produce a beautiful exchange.