Album Intro

Part One: The First Dimension – Drifter
What would you do, if you, were not just you?

JJ Lin’s 14th Album Drifter - Like You Do
Double-dimensional EP, creating a fresh musical viewpoint.
Personally involved in crafting the creative direction and vision of the album,
JJ’s double EP features two storylines that are both parallel yet interconnected.

Good and evil, gain or loss
Joy and grief, love or hate
Even at conflicting ends, they may come together
Even as extremes, they may co-exist
All seemingly knowing the existence of one another

In Quantum Theory, space and time are not continuous
A parallel universe is a real possibility
Could it be possible that somewhere in a hidden corner of the universe
hides an infinite number of us?

Where perhaps I could be you, and you could be me?
I seem to be drifting endlessly
Like You Do

JJ Lin 2020
A Two-Dimensional Double EP
In Life, there is always Light and Darkness
To consciously hold on or to let go
Returning to a rediscovery of life, the album tells a story about all of us.
‘I could be your voice, just as you could be mine’ - JJ Lin

‘That which exists, is already existent’, and the second dimension that may have yet to reveal itself, already exists. We just haven’t gotten there yet. 

The story is to be continued in the upcoming episode - “Like You Do”. What can we expect from JJ Lin on this journey of space and time?
Perhaps a brand new encounter awaits us...

Full Track

While I Can
JJ Lin
Not Tonight (Tomorrow Sounds Good Steve Aoki Remix)
JJ Lin, Steve Aoki